Talking to teachers about your ADHD child.

There is an art to talking to teachers about your ADHD child. As a former teacher and school counselor for 30 years and now an ADHD Family Coach, I’m happy to share these tips:

If you’d like to learn more about getting help in school for your ADHD child or teen, join us for August’s “Class and Coaching, “Getting Through the Maze of Schooling an ADHD Child” , we will discuss – in depth – how to tailor a legally viable 504 Plan to fit your child, how to supplement the 504 Plan, and how to handle homework, school phobias (“My teacher hates me!”), and how to communicate effectively with teachers and school personnel.

As a former teacher and school counselor, I can teach you how to advocate for your child in the school setting.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Does your child need a 504 plan and how to write one that will get your child what he/she needs
  • How to communicate effectively with school personnel
  • Study tips for ADHD kids and teens
  • Could it be something besides ADHD?
  • What to do when RESISTANCE happens! (And it will…)
  • And other strategies for monitoring homework, providing structure, and communicating about school success

And remember:

  • Only 10 people will be able to attend the class.
  • There will be 4 classes. You don’t have to be present to get the information – it’s all virtual!!! Each week, I’ll send out a video class on Friday mornings (at least it will be Friday morning in Seattle). You can watch the video at your leisure, with your kids or without.
  • On Tuesday evenings, I will hold a recorded 30-minute Q&A session for people enrolled in the class. You can send in questions ahead of time if you can’t attend the class, and I’ll send you the recording after class!
  • >>> Your enrollment in the class will include a 1-hour Skype or Phone consultation with me! YUP!! For real!!
  • Class fee: $127 but…

Just click on this link for more info and get $30 off using the coupon code, 30


(That’s your reminder. I can’t reverse this once you’ve paid, so don’t forget the code!!!)

Your anonymity is important to me. Your name will not be mentioned in any recordings <


NOTE: August 2 is the last day to sign up for our August class


xo, Yafa

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