4 Areas of Concentration in ADHD Coaching


4 Areas of Concentration in ADHD Coaching with Yafa Luria

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  1. School issues, including homework completion, creating an IEP or 504 Plan, or re-working the one you already have that the school isn’t following. (Did I say that out loud?) I can prep you to talk to teachers or school counselors or give you the lowdown on how to finesse a 504/IEP meeting. Sometimes even the most cooperative and understanding educators just don’t get the nuances of ADHD and will advise you from a standpoint that is contraindicated for your particular child.
  2. Executive Functions, like focus and motivation, goal-setting, time management, planning, follow-through, and the rest. One of the biggest ADHD challenges is with Executive Functions and these challenges can prevent super-smart children from expressing their capabilities to the fullest extent. I teach kids and parents how to strengthen these functions, how to make them habits and how to build them further as your children age and mature.
  3. Behavior and Communication. Very often, the challenge of parenting an ADHD child is related to cross-communication and crossed purposes. Misbehavior is just that – a misdirection. ADHD children may misinterpret body language and verbal communication. At the same time, they themselves may not be skilled at self-expression. They may be quiet or reluctant communicators. Or they may be brash and offensive. Relationships and, thus, behavior improve when both sides are communicating for connection rather than simply getting their point across.
  4. Emotional Regulation. ADHD often presents as a roller coaster of mixed emotions. While there may be something else going on in addition to ADHD, sorting through the emotions and then choosing the correct response can be a huge challenge – for both you and your children! Further, your child may not yet have the skills to respond at an age-appropriate level. Once your child feels more secure in themselves, the body and brain calm down, and “response-ability” replaces the tantrums and defiance.
*(ADHD Coaching is not covered by general medical insurance. It is only covered by a Flexible Spending Account or a Medical Savings Account that you acquire at your workplace).