Online ADHD Classes and Tele-Seminars


ADHD Parenting just got easier!



INCREASE self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-control, self-confidence
IMPROVE relationships, behavior, follow-through, grades

ELIMINATE frustration, confusion, stress, procrastination

Do your children have big hearts and noisy brains?  They’re wonderful, smart, shiny, funny, compassionate, AND super sensitive, intense, forgetful, distracted and, apparently unmotivated.

How are you supposed to make decisions about structure, boundaries, rewards, emotional regulation, executive functioning, chores and school success? And then there’s the yelling, nagging, and begging (from the kids and the parents!) And where does focus and motivation fit in with all of this?

ADHD Classes cover all these topics, at your convenience, with expert coaching too (click on topic for a description):

Each course has:

*1. Class Sessions. 4-week classes, 30 minutes each. Classes are pre-recorded and emailed to you.

*2. Q & A Sessions. Four 30-minute Q&A phone sessions, weekly. If you can’t make the call, send in your questions ahead of time. All calls are recorded and emailed to you!

*3. PDFs with any additional information you need.

*4. One private phone consultation with Yafa Crane Luria! 1-hour of phone coaching, held the month of the class or the month after.

Here’s what past attendees have said:

  • “I tried the technique from your first class and things have been really calm. I can hardly believe it.” Sally in New Jersey
  • “I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about ADHD, but your theory about executive functioning is brilliant.” Darcy and Paul in Vancouver
  • “Yafa lays out all the information in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use way. She makes me feel like a rock star!” Jennifer L. in Seattle
  • “You are magnificent. You always made me feel so good about my parenting, even when you were giving me other ways to do it. I just love you!” Julia in London

Just sign up for the coming month’s ADHD parenting class and you’re good to go:


Class is limited to 12 people

*Coaching services are not in any way to be construed as, or to be a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal counsel, or medical advice. You are responsible for creating your own decisions and results. You agree not to hold me, or any company I am affiliated with, liable for any outcomes resulting directly or indirectly from the coaching process.

*Blocked to Brilliant does not issue refunds.

*Your purchase indicates that you have read and agree to these two stipulations

Don’t want to wait for the topic you’re interested in?

You can purchase the video package for each of the 5 topics HERE