Description of “Anxious, Angry, and Arguing: How to Help Your Super-Emotional ADHD Child or Teen”



Here’s what you will learn in the Emotional Regulation course:

  • Why ADHD kids get so angry and how to handle different types of anger.
  • What to do about generalized anxiety – how to curb it and how to react effectively when you can’t prevent it.
  • Helpful ways to manage hyperactivity.
  • When to see a health professional
  • What to do when RESISTANCE happens!
  • And so many little nuances like, why your child melts down, why your child can seem incapable of taking action, what to do when siblings are baiting your ADHD child, what to do when your other kids are the recipients of your ADHD child’s runaway emotions.

And remember:

  • Only 10 people will be able to attend the class.
  • There will be 4 classes. You don’t have to be present to get the information – it’s all virtual!!! Each week, I’ll send out a video class on Friday mornings (at least it will be Friday morning in Seattle). You can watch the video at your leisure, with your kids or without.
  • On Tuesday evenings, I will hold a recorded 30-minute Q&A session for people enrolled in the class. You can send in questions ahead of time if you can’t attend the class, and I’ll send you the recording after class!
  • >>> Your enrollment in the class will include a 1-hour Skype or Phone consultation with me! YUP!! For real!!
  • Class fee: $127


Register for:

“Anxious, Angry, and Arguing: How to Help Your Super-Emotional ADHD Child or Teen”

Note: you can only register for the upcoming month’s class.

This class is taught in January and July, but you can purchase the Video Program HERE