Description of “Training Your Child’s ADHD Brain to Get the Job Done”


Here’s what you will learn in the Executive Functions course:

  • Teaching your child to understand time and time management
  • Simple organization strategies for complex brains
  • Unconventional ways to strengthen your child’s executive functions (because the conventional ways don’t work)
  • What to do about setbacks (Hint: they’re normal)
  • And other strategies for scheduling, staying on top of work, and setting manageable goals.

And remember:

  • Only 12 people will be able to attend the class.
  • There will be 4 sessions. You don’t have to be present to get the information – it’s all virtual!!! Each week, I’ll send out a video class on Friday mornings (at least it will be Friday morning in Seattle). You can watch the video at your leisure, with your kids or without.
  • On Tuesday evenings, I will hold a recorded 30-minute Q&A session for people enrolled in the class. You can send in questions ahead of time if you can’t attend the class, and I’ll send you the recording after class!
  • >>> Your enrollment in the class will include a 1-hour Skype or Phone consultation with me! YUP!! For real!!
  • Class fee: $127


Register for: “Training Your Child’s ADHD Brain to Get the Job Done”

Note: you can only register for the upcoming month’s class.

This class is taught in March and September, but you can purchase the Video Program HERE