Private Family Coaching and IEP/504 Plan Preparation


Sound familiar?

  • Your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but none of the suggested interventions work.
  • Your son is unmotivated and uninspired.
  • Your daughter treats you with disrespect. She lies and talks back. Or she ignores you.
  • The school isn’t being helpful and supportive.
  • You know a ton about ADHD but you’re still stressed out, frustrated, and confused.
  • Maybe you’re angry and ashamed as well, and feel like a bad parent.
  • And you’re MADLY IN LOVE with your child and heart-broken that he/she is struggling so much.

Blocked to Brilliant Family Coaching is for families whose ADHD kids are underachieving, over-active, or both! They’re fabulous kids – super smart, compassionate, creative, funny, and just a bit out-of-sync. Something just doesn’t click and you can’t seem to fix it. I get it.

But imagine your child…

  • Listening to you
  • Wanting to spend more time with you
  • Doing better in school
  • Learning how to socialize with peers
  • Enjoying life more

I know what’s keeping your family stressed out and frustrated.

Doctor, teachers, alternative medicine practitioners and, even, ADHD coaches use a “DEFICIT MODEL” to treat or MANAGE ADHD. The deficit approach uses language that highlights the negative aspects of ADHD and urges parents to learn to MANAGE, CONTROL, TONE DOWN, ALLEVIATE, FIX, or even CURE their children.

This is damaging to people with ADHD; imagine being thought of as DISORDERED. ADHD is the punchline to jokes, the go-to diagnosis when teachers can’t control their classroom, and, at most schools, only ADHD students are expected to change themselves because they’re not acceptable.

Instead of helping your children grow OUT OF their ADHD, I help your children grow INTO their ADHD.

There is nothing wrong with your child and nothing wrong with you.

I refuse to think of ADHD as a deficit or a disorder, despite its name. ADHD is AWESOME. Confusion and frustration (for both you and your child) stem from trying to fit a deficit solution to your very human, confusing and confused, lovable child or teen. Dissonance is sending you to the wrong solutions and it’s not your fault.


The truth is much brighter

Your children are future leaders, in whatever fields or roles they choose. Sure, we tend to think of leaders as being focused and driven, but many leaders are simply in love with their vision and passionate about changing the world or the status quo. (I’m sure you’ve experienced your children challenging the status quo. LOL). For parents, this can be confusing. “How am I supposed to raise a leader??” For me, it’s a huge thrill. Being able to help children and families that are living, learning, and loving with ADHD makes me ridiculously happy.

You don’t have to feel beaten up and ineffective.

Over the last 37 years (since my own diagnosis – try to find anyone (diagnosed as an adult) with more years than that! There are only a few of us!) I’ve developed, researched, re-worked, and created a series of interventions, strategies, scripts, tips and tricks that will help parents lead their ADHD children to greatness. All while building executive functions and self-esteem.

You are courageous and compassionate and I will build on that. I will partner with you to create the best outcomes in the least amount of time. Together we will unblock the brilliance in you and your child. You’ll get a new outlook, new power, new tools, and the support to make effective, long-lasting improvements.

PLUS, it’s not as hard as you might think. In fact, most clients feel a deep sense of relief and a resurgence of hope and joy during our first conversation.

INCREASE self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-control, self-confidence
IMPROVE relationships, behavior, follow-through, grades
ELIMINATE frustration, confusion, stress, procrastination

My coaching focuses on 4 areas, as needed, together as a family or just with the parents:

  1. School issues, including homework completion, creating or re-working an IEP or 504 Plan.
  2. Executive Functions, like focus and motivation, goal-setting, time management, planning, and follow-through.
  3. Relationships and Communication: Relationships improve when both sides are communicating for connection rather than to get their point across.
  4. Emotional Regulation: As you well know, ADHD can present as a roller coaster of mixed emotions.

(For a more detailed description of each category, click here)

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