About Confidentiality


What about confidentiality?

My client’s trust is sacred to me. I do not give out clients’ names or contact information without their permission. I do not discuss client sessions, unless I do so anonymously, with a trusted professional, to better serve my clients. If I believe that someone’s life is in danger, I will consult with the proper authorities (a child’s parents, for instance).

Sometimes teen clients tell me things that they want their parents to know but they don’t know how to approach these adults that they care about so much. They may be afraid of being dismissed as “overly dramatic,” “ridiculous,” or “unimportant.” In these situations, I help teens and parents come together in a supportive atmosphere of mutual respect so that both parties are able to express what is in their hearts. That being said, all interactions concerning ADHD, anxiety, or any other neurological anomaly are shared with parents, as it is crucial to partner with parents to support their children.
Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation