ADHD Group Coaching for Parents


ADHD Parenting just got infinitely easier!

group coaching

The Parenting Partnership is designed to coach you
to a new level of ADHD family awesomeness.


INCREASE self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-control, self-confidence
IMPROVE relationships, behavior, follow-through, grades

ELIMINATE frustration, confusion, stress, procrastination


We’re NOT group therapy and we’re NOT a watered-down approach to coaching


A new, original paradigm for coaching ADHD that combines several different modalities

A group (I prefer “gang”) of solutions-focused, love-filled, determined advocates for ADHD children and teens

The opportunity to make life-long connections with like-minded parents that believe
ADHD is a gift, an advantage, a super-power

A self-directed program where you control what and how much you need





Let me break it down:


For those of you that like to read, here are all the words:

(but the last half of the video has sample coaching call questions and you’ll get a great sense of how the group coaching works).

*1. You get unlimited access to 100s of password-protected, short (4 minute) ADHD videos, any time of day, on any device, from anywhere in the world. I cover School Success, Behavior, Communication & Family Relationships, and more. There are also videos for teachers and teens on my YouTube channel, “ADHD Videos with Yafa Crane Luria.”

Here’s one!

Here’s another one!

And there’s more cool stuff…

*2. As a member of the Parenting Partnership, you get to make unlimited requests for video topics. Got a problem with getting your kids out to school in the morning? Ask me about it. Want to know about sleep techniques from different experts? I got you covered.

Just email me and ask for what you want! How easy is that?

*3. You will be a member of the Parenting Partnership *SECRET* Facebook group! No one except members will be able to see your posts. This is pretty exciting. Not only will you be able to chat with me, but you’ll be able to connect with other parents of ADHD children and teens. It’s SO HARD to parent alone and now you don’t have to!!! I’m all about community and I want to help you connect with your tribe.

And the best part: 24 Coaching Sessions every month!


You can attend all or some of these sessions. And if you have a question, just email me your question ahead of time so I can make sure that coaching time is fairly distributed among all who want to participate over the course of the month.

You want to suggest a topic for some sessions? YES PLEASE!

Don’t want to ask a question? No problem!

You can just listen in and learn from others being coached. There will be lots of knowledge flying around. Catch some for yourself!


I told you – this is awesome.

>>> I want you to be able to access everything you need and everything you want <<<


*When people around you are push-push-pushing you to do something that, somehow, just feels wrong, who do you turn to?

Join one of 6 weekly group-coaching calls and get your question answered by an expert
with 30+ years working with ADHD kids (ME!!!)


*Imagine sitting in the carpool line watching our videos on your phone.
Your child comes to the car and you can IMMEDIATELY put into practice what you just learned from the videos!



*Or how about those sleepless hours when you’re so worried about your ADHD child or teen that you can’t think straight, let alone sleep?
You get online and find out there are people from the other side of the globe, chatting on the “Parenting Partnership” Facebook group!

Support and love in the middle of the night!


*What about relatives, friends, or teachers that don’t understand ADHD but have tons of advice? Sigh.
Just show them a video and get them educated without fighting or feeling disempowered in any way.

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*There are also videos for teens and for teachers! Invite everyone to the party!!!

All this for the introductory price of $67.00 a month, all-inclusive. No added fees. Just $67.00

Sign me up, Yafa!

I will never have to say NO. You will only hear “YES, LET’S DO THAT!”

There is no other group-coaching program like this anywhere in the world.
Just check with Dr. Google. I’ll wait right here…

(Symbolic Musical Interlude)

Let me ask you the inevitable question: Are you ready to let go and join us?

Yes, please!

“Parenting Partnership” is not your average parent group, which I’ve heard many of you describe as “The blind leading the blind.”

You get the camaraderie of other parents traveling your road, but you also get an ADHD expert,
one who has literally worked with 1000s of kids and 100s of families.

I mean, you can Google me – there is a ton of information about me online.
It’s not like I can hide or lie.


AND… You can unsubscribe any time you want. It’s not a lifetime commitment.

Come on, join us! You know you want to!


Yafa, I’m signing up right now!

I’m super excited to meet you and get coaching!
Together, we can make ADHD your child’s (and your family’s) biggest asset!

leap of faith goldfish_med_37503448



  • What times are the coaching sessions? I live in Australia.

    Hello, Australia! When you sign up, you will confirm your time zone and the times will show up according to your zone. These dates and times are Pacific time:

Sundays: 10am, 7pm
Mondays: 12pm

Tuesdays: 4pm
Wednesdays: 8pm
Thursdays: 9am

Sessions are 1 hour each.

  • How are you going to coach so many people?

    I will take 4-6 questions per session. When you register for a particular session, you’ll be asked to submit a question if you have one. I’ll make sure that everybody gets a chance during the month, not just a few people. Anything I don’t answer on the phone, I’ll answer via video and I’ll post it in the Facebook group and on YouTube.

  • Are there any topics you won’t answer questions about?

    Yes. Here they are: Religion, Politics, Specific medications (it’s illegal for me to discuss this), Questions from adults with ADHD who want to be coached about their own ADHD (this is a site for parenting kids and teens), Questions about parenting adult children, and Questions about diagnosing (also illegal for me to talk about).

  • What kind of person is a good fit for group coaching?

    Just about anyone, really. Of course, you won’t get much out of it if you don’t participate, so a bit of courage is important. But then, you are the parent of an ADHD child or teen – you’ve got courage!

  • How do I know if I should do group coaching or private coaching?

    If you’re looking for personal attention, where you can focus on your family specifically, private coaching is a good fit. The easiest thing is to Schedule a complimentary 50-minute phone consultation and let’s talk about it! Aside from that, it may be helpful to know that private coaching clients also get access to The Parenting Partnership group.

Can’t wait, Yafa!


Got more questions? I’m all ears (not literally).


Contact me: 206-326-8446 or

xo, Yafa Crane Luria








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