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School Success

  1. “My Daughter Won’t Go To School”
  2. What Is The Best Type of Schooling For An ADHD Child?
  3. Test-Taking Skills
  4. How Do I Get My ADHD Children To Do Their Homework?
  5. My Child Refuses To Do Homework
  6. “My Son Cries Thinking About Doing Homework”
  7. Why Track Homework and Grades?
  8. Asking for a 504 Plan or IEP
  9. What is an IEP or 504 plan meeting like?
  10. Self-Advocacy. What Does It Look Like?
  11. Advocacy for your IEP or 504 Plan
  12. Great accommodations for an IEP or 504 Plan
  13. Three Best School Accommodations for ADHD Kids
  14. Moving From a 504 Plan to an IEP
  15. What Can School Counselors Do To Help?
  16. Negotiating with Teachers
  17. How to Get Support From Your Child’s Teacher
  18. What To Do If Your School Refuses to Schedule a 504 or IEP Meeting?
  19. Teaching Your Child About Time Management
  20. Teaching Your Child to Keep a Schedule
  21. Will Having a 504 Plan or IEP Affect College Entrance?
  22. How Do You Know If College Is Right For Your ADHD Child?
  23. Tips for Choosing a Good College For Your Teen



  1. “My child looks like his brain is somewhere else when he spaces out”
  2. Capacity vs. Capability
  3. Teaching Your Child to Be More Responsible
  4. ADHD-Proofing Your Home
  5. Procrastination
  6. “I can’t do follow through”
  7. “It’s not my style to parent differently.”
  8. “My child has to negotiate EVERYTHING.”
  9. ADHD Kids LOVE Rules!
  10. Creating an Effective Behavior Plan (This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the schedule of virtual classes)
  11. Health and Safety
  12. “How do I get my ADHD child to stop picking on the younger kids?”
  13. Is it ADHD or Bad Behavior?
  14. “Is it ever okay to spank an ADHD child?”
  15. Lying
  16. “My children won’t do their chores even with reminders”
  17. “My daughter plays rap music at the dinner table”
  18. “My daughter throws food when she’s angry”
  19. “My daughter wants to go out but I think she needs to have her homework done first”
  20. “One daughter is neat, the other is sloppy. They share a room”
  21. “One son is afraid of falling asleep and is bothering the other son”
  22. Sensitive kids need rules too
  23. “We don’t want our daughter to be a quitter”
  24. “We found a knife in our son’s backpack”
  25. Where To Start With Setting Up Rules

Emotional Regulation

  1. Creating a Supportive Physical Environment for ADHD Kids
  2. How to Support Your ADHD Child’s Emotional Health?
  3. Don’t Take Things Personally, But Don’t Ignore Them
  4. How To Teach ADHD Children About Emotions
  5. “My son throws a crying tantrum ever time he has to get off the computer”
  6. What do you do when you feel stuck?

Communication and Family Relationships

  1. Parenting Guilt
  2. Talking to Your Child About Having ADHD
  3. 2011 KOMO News Radio interview “Comparing is Despairing”
  4. 2011 KOMO News Radio interview on Step Parenting
  5. “How do I stop yelling?”
  6. How to Communicate With an ADHD Child
  7. “My child interrupts all the time”
  8. Sighing, eye-rolling, and muttering
  9. When your child calls you names or says they hate you
  10. Why ADHD Kids say I DON’T KNOW


  1. The Culture of ADHD
  2. Is ADHD Coaching is Right For You?
  3. What kind of person is a good fit for ADHD Family Coaching?
  4. What kind of person is NOT a good fit for ADHD Family Coaching?
  5. When is the Right Time to See an ADHD Professional?
  6. What is ADHD Coaching?
  7. What are the top 3 myths about ADHD coaching?
  8. What I love most about coaching
  9. “What’s the hardest thing about coaching?”
  10. My ADHD Story
  11. “If ADHD is a gift, why does it need a treatment?”
  12. “I want to put my child on medication but my husband doesn’t”
  13. “Which quote reflects the values that are important in your business?”
  14. “What’s the #1 question you get about your products and services?”
  15. My biggest ADHD challenge
  16. My greatest strength
  17. “What is your life mission that got you into coaching?”

For Teens

  1. There’s Nothing Wrong With You And Your Brain!!!
  2. Focusing in Class
  3. When You Get Home and Have Forgotten How to Do Your Assignment
  4. Making It Easy To Do Your Homework
  5. Negotiating With Your Teacher
  6. Why is Organization Important?
  7. Learning Time Management
  8. Negotiating With Your Parents
  9. Find a Hobby or Passion
  10. You Can Bring Good Things to You


For Teachers

  1. The Culture of ADHD
  2. Altering Assignments for the ADHD Student
  3. Breaking Assignments into Smaller Tasks
  4. Communicating to Create Success
  5. Deadlines and Due Dates
  6. Don’t Take Things Personally
  7. Fidgets in the Classroom
  8. How to Communicate With Parents
  9. Independent vs. Group Work For ADHD Students
  10. Negotiating with ADHD Students
  11. Preferential Seating
  12. Resistance Comes From Previous Bad Experiences
  13. Self-Advocacy and the ADHD Student
  14. Stay Connected to the Parents of Your ADHD Students
  15. What About Noise in the Classroom?



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