Suggested Interview Questions on ADHD Parenting


IMG_3455Interview Questions on ADHD Parenting

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For news outlets, radio, and podcast interviewers: Seattle ADHD Specialist and 30-year veteran teacher and school counselor, Yafa Luria, answers these and other interview questions about parenting and teaching ADHD children and teens:

  1. How does a parent know that their child or teen has ADHD?
  2. Is ADHD over-diagnosed in your opinion?
  3. What is the biggest misconception about ADHD?
  4. Do you recommend medication or are you against it?
  5. What do teachers need to know about ADHD?
  6. In some of your writing, you talk about a “treatment plan” vs. a “treatment.” Please explain this.
  7. In your opinion, what is the parenting practice that is hardest for parents?
  8. What is the most common coaching issue for teens with (or without) ADD/ADHD
  9. Why do parents have such a hard time communicating with teens?
  10. How does a parent create rules and consequences for someone who is almost an adult?
  11. What is the #1 skill that teens need to make it in college?
  12. How do you teach time management to your clients?
  13. What can parents do to support their kids re: time management?
  14. Is there reason to worry about college if your teen has ADHD?
  15. What is one thing that parents can do TODAY to improve their home life?

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