Parent Your ADHD Kids Without Yelling or Nagging!

by Yafa Crane Luria


You can parent your ADHD kids without yelling, nagging, lecturing, or begging!

I’ve been saying this for years: it is totally possible to parent your ADHD kids without yelling and nagging. In fact, you are probably wearing yourself out needlessly! I find that most parents of ADHD kids are not doing too little; they’re doing too much.

We try every technique under the sun, we spend hours online checking in with other parents to see what they’re doing, we go without sleep worrying about our children. Sound familiar? Well, let me tell you why all these challenging, loving sacrifices aren’t working:

It’s because ADHD kids don’t all respond the same way, and they for sure don’t respond to conventional techniques.

Plus, it’s HARD being a parent!!! Let’s not minimize that!!!

That’s why I created “The No Yelling, No Nagging, No Begging Approach to ADHD and Behavior.”

I want you to enjoy your ADHD kiddos. They are virtual treasure troves of insight, play, humor, compassion, and creativity. But when we’re having to focus on their behavior, it really takes the fun out of having an ADHD child (And they can be SO. MUCH. FUN!)

Join us in November for this online class. You don’t even have to be present to get all the information!

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

*Why your kids don’t follow your rules (It’s SO not what you think).
*Why other behavior plans or systems don’t work for ADHD kids.
*How to create a plan from the ground up that is specifically designed for your ADHD family.
*What to do when RESISTANCE happens!
*And so many little nuances like, why your child argues all the time, how do you know if a rule is working is not, how to handle meltdowns or tantrums, and what to do instead of yelling and nagging, especially when something BIG happens

And remember:

  • There will be 4 classes. You don’t have to be present to get the information – it’s all virtual!!! Each week, I’ll send out a video class on Friday mornings (at least it will be Friday morning in Seattle). You can watch the video at your leisure, with your kids or without.
  • On Tuesdays, I will hold a recorded 30-minute Q&A session for people enrolled in the class. You can send in questions ahead of time if you can’t attend the class, and I’ll send you the recording after class!
  • >>> Your enrollment in the class will include a 1-hour Skype or Phone consultation with me! YUP!! For real!!
  • Class fee: $127 (use coupon code 30 to get $30 off)

Register for

“No Yelling, No Nagging, No Begging Approach to ADHD & Behavior”


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