Parents of ADHD Kids: 5 Things That Aren’t Your Fault!

by Yafa Crane Luria


Dear Parents of ADHD kids:

As parents of ADHD kids, it’s all too easy to berate and belittle ourselves for our children’s struggles. It’s incredibly painful to watch someone we love suffer so much, and somehow, our brain tells us that we deserve to feel bad, or we deserve to take the blame.

Time to liberate yourselves!! Here are 5 things that aren’t your fault:

*1. Yes, you may have made your baby, but you didn’t create ADHD and you didn’t create your child’s ADHD struggles. That DNA has been around for a while. On the other hand, you could celebrate that this awesome ADHD DNA has blessed your child. ADHD is so much more than a struggle. I am living proof of that.

*2. You aren’t doing too little. In my experience, most parents of neuro-divergent kids are doing too much not too little. Imagine being liberated from that burden! You could actually do less and get great results! Check out these suggestions for simplifying and streamlining your parenting.

*3. It’s not your fault that your child’s teacher doesn’t understand about ADHD. That responsibility starts with teacher education programs. Many such programs are still operating under the outdated assumption that ADHD refers to kids that can’t sit still, can’t focus, and can’t shut up. Can you imagine? This book will help immensely.

*4. It’s not your fault that your child’s doctor doesn’t understand about ADHD. You can change doctors though, and your family deserves a doctor that gets it! And here’s something else you can do.

*5. Your parenting mistakes are not your fault. I’m partial to Maya Angelou’s words:

Parenting an ADHD child is different than parenting another child. If you haven’t found the right parenting model for your child, that’s not your fault. Maybe it’s my fault for not being more visible!

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xo, Yafa

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