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 “Finally someone has new ideas for old problems”


This Mom’s Choice Award Winner® has been called “the new bible on parent-teen interaction.” How To Train Your Parents in 6-1/2 Days is 150 pages of fun, thought-provoking, real-life stories and reflections, as well as strategies and tricks for the savvy tween or teen (12 – 20 y.o.) who likes to be treated with respect.


“I wish I’d had this book when my kids were tweens and teens! It’s full of entertaining, yet solid, information and insights that will have parents and teens playing by the same rule book. Most important, Margit Crane does not judge! She speaks with heart, wisdom and love. It’s impossible not to feel relief when reading this engaging, witty, fun book. If you have teens, or know someone who does, this is a MUST READ!!!!! Get one for yourself and one for your child. Margit has hit a home run!” Talk Radio Host, Barbara Dab

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getting school BookCoverImage“Getting Schooled: 102 Practical Tips for Parents, Teachers, Counselors, and Students about Living & Learning with ADHD”

“It is so great to hear someone talk first hand about ADD/ADHD. Margit has been through it and has been a teacher too so she knows what she’s talking about. What wonderful insights.” — Paige V.

#1 Best Seller on Amazon Kindle Free in the category of “Parenting Hyperactive Children.”

Top 5 of all books on Amazon in “Parenting Hyperactive Children”

Top 5 of all books on Amazon in “Inclusive Education.”

— December, 2015

Too often, ADHD kids are alienated within a school system that doesn’t truly understand what it’s dealing with. There is no other school group that is reprimanded and mocked as frequently as students with ADHD. Instead of being thought of as innovators and future world leaders, ADHD kids are labeled, “Lazy,” “Spacey,” or “Defiant.” Award-winning author, and 30-year veteran teacher and school counselor, Margit Crane–diagnosed with ADHD herself in 1980–is very familiar with the plight of students with ADHD. She says, “I was one of those too curious, too intense students. Teachers weren’t quite sure what to do with me, and I suffered for it. It’s time to build bridges between school personnel and ADHD families for the success of everyone. Parent Dawn S. writes: “I can’t tell you all of the things I learned! I couldn’t stop reading- I read it all in one sitting! Both of my ADHD children will be better for your input in our lives!!!! Thank you, you are a blessing to our family and so many others!”

“Thanks for a guide that truly is practical and no fluff.”
Who Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet

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