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Hey everybody, Welcome to my website. I offer A LOT of free stuff but it’s hard to find it all so I’m listing it here, together, on this page!

I have always wanted my business to be a fun place to come for some information, support, free hugs (virtual hugs), hope and a lot of relief. Please, enjoy yourself, and let me know if there’s anything you need that you don’t see. You can email me at I’m always thrilled to hear from ADHD parents!

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*1. If you haven’t signed up for my weekly parenting tips, go here. You also get a free PDF of my popular Kindle/Paper book, “Getting Schooled.”

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*3. You can find free videos on my YouTube channel, “ADHD Videos by Yafa Luria”

*4. Here’s a full-length video of my webinar, “The Easiest Ways to Motivate Your ADHD Child or Teen.” It’s got SO. MANY. TIPS. Happy viewing!

*5. And you can’t miss out on a free 50-minute phone consultation with me. How many times in your life do you get to speak to an expert for free! Let’s do this!!! I love speaking to you, so don’t feel like you’re putting me out or bothering me. I’m here for you!

Free Freedom! Where will you start?

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