Strategies for ADHD Parenting During the Summer

by Yafa Crane Luria


Summer is a great time to do some ADHD strategy building.

When kids aren’t in school, the pressure is off and there’s actually have room in their brains to take in new information!

You can work on…

  • Behavior plans: don’t overdo the number of rules. Here’s a good blog post on that.
  • Technology plans: How much screen time should everyone have? How much is too much, and are there exceptions?
  • A chore schedule. Who does what, when? I love Chart a la Carte, a brand-new company that is making family life and married life MUCH EASIER!
  • Better communication, as in both parents and children building listening skills. This is a great book for better communication, if I do say so myself (and all 5-star reviews)
  • What to think about when thinking about colleges
  • How to talk to school personnel about 504 plans and IEPs (You can get a free PDF on just this topic).
  • Focus, organization, goal-setting, and follow-through (This can cause rifts between parents and kids. You might want to check out coaching for this skill. However, here’s a good article on building executive functions by giving kids more decision-making power.)

There is so much wonderful progress to be made during summer break. Relaxation is important, to be sure, but don’t drop the ball on skills-building just when your kids actually have the opportunity to test their power and learn to be more responsible.


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