Tips for Teaching ADHD Students

by Yafa Crane Luria


Tips for teaching ADHD students

ADHD doesn’t have to leave teachers yanking out their hair from frustration. Nor does school need to be so unpleasant for ADHD kids. It’s worth bringing in new teaching strategies. You’ll feel better about the kids and about yourself!

  • Don’t assume anything. ADHD can present in a variety of ways. Be open to whatever behaviors present themselves and…
  • Ask for help, if you feel overwhelmed, confused, or just curious. Parents are happy to know that their child’s teacher cares.
  • Learn what you can. There are some great books out there. For starters, I would recommend the DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION series by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey. Also, you can get a free PDF of my book GETTING SCHOOLED by filling out a form here.
  • Become a partner with the parents. You will get so much more traction if you work together. By the way, referring them to your online webpage is okay but you should also make email, phone, or face-to-face contact.
  • Love that child the best you can. Make a place in your heart for that kid – he/she needs that desperately. So many people will make fun of him/her. Your love, although silent, will mean a world of difference.
  • Follow the IEP or 504 Plan. I know it’s sometimes a pain and takes time away from other things, but it IS a LEGAL DOCUMENT after all. This is the number 1 complaint I hear from parents: the school isn’t following the IEP/504
  • Keep your sense of humor. Humor is always makes challenges easier.
  • Look for the gift. I know this is a bit trite and applicable to all students, but ADHD kids can be frustrating and confusing so looking for the gift in everything can yield even many rewards.

Which tip will you try first?

Just scroll down and share your thoughts in the comments section. I love, love, love hearing from you.

xo, Yafa

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