Test Anxiety | Writing Before Taking a Test Releases Stress, Raises Grades

by Yafa Crane Luria


I’m so excited that this studying tip is being shared on the world-wide web! Actually, writing is a good stress-release for any anxiety, whether it’s related to test-taking, relationship tension, post-traumatic stress, or even Attention Deficit Disorder busy brain. I do it all the time!

The article asserts: “The idea that there are simple steps to improve test scores — outside of, say, private tutors or SAT prep courses — is sure to be welcome news for students, parents and educators who have long struggled to get students to perform their best on midterms, finals and college entrance exams.”

Stress is a huge block to success but in our overwhelmed world we tend to think it’s unavoidable. Not so! Start your kids writing or drawing their anxious thoughts and watch what happens!

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xo, Yafa

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