About Yafa Crane Luria – ADHD Specialist and Educator

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Yafa Crane Luria,  ADHD Pioneer and Advocate

One of mMargit1959y earliest memories, as a child with undiagnosed ADHD, is of my father crying and saying, “I just don’t know what to do with you.”

I was devastated. I’d seen my mother cry, but my father? This was the first time, and what I heard was that I was a problem child, and I felt like a problem child for decades after (Yes, into my 40s). Today I know that what I was hearing were his feelings of helplessness in the face of behavior that was baffling, disruptive, and unpredictable.

jill and margit 1972I remember trying so hard to be good. There is nothing I wanted more than to please my parents. I would have given anything to make them happy but none of us had the tools to make that happen. I would wake up in the morning and affirm, “Today I will be good,” and a few hours later, I’d be in trouble. And I had NO IDEA how I had gotten from “Today I will be good,” to “Margit, you will be staying in during recess.”

The upside is that, where my parents didn’t have any tools to help me, I can now offer strategies for living and learning with ADHD so that no one – parents, teachers, or children – has to feel that sadness, confusion, and frustration.

Here’s what I’ve been doing between then and now:

Despite a few detentions (one for accidentally setting fire to a pot holder in cooking class) and a quite a few failed childhood friendships (I was bullied and I was a bully), I spent decades hanging around classrooms. Much to my former classmates’ amazement, I became a teacher and school counselor. For thirty years!

I’ve taught pretty much EVERYONE, from gifted kids to behaviorally and emotionally challenged angels (often the same kids), Kindergarten through College. One semester, I actually had an English class of 16 middle school boys with ADHD! No girls. Good times. 🙂

Fun fact: I was diagnosed with ADD in 1980, when I was 23 years old. Listen to my ADHD story!

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I have three Master’s degrees, and some other education certificates. I just couldn’t picture doing a Ph.D. and having to focus on just one subject. I call my 3 degrees my “ADD Ph.D.” and I think that’s fair. I’ve written a few books and I’ve won a few writing awards (See, you can succeed with ADD/ADHD!). Right now I’m writing a novel because I thought it would be fun. So far, so good.


I live in a city outside Seattle but I work all over the world thanks to the miracle of technology.

Fun Fact: For some reason, I’m popular among ex-pats in Australia and New Zealand!*

I have two step kids and two grandchildren. My stepdaughter thinks I’m “awesome,” (and the feeling is mutual). Both step kids think I’m too hard on myself (and they’re right). My son-in-law thinks I’m easy to talk to (and have intense discussions with). My older grandchild says I’m silly and the little one says “Too,” when I tell her I love her.

mike and nichole at Ava's 1st bdayGary and Ava and Miranda

LEFT: My step “kids”

RIGHT: My son-in-law and grandkids



And, of course, there’s quite a bit of ADHD in my family: cousins galore, an uncle or two, several children and teens, (and probably my father too!)

As for me, I went from lonely and confused with few friends, as a child, to friendly and fun and surrounded by friends and family, as an adult. My clients tell me I’m their “Guardian Angel,” and that it’s such a relief to connect with someone who understands, is supportive, loving, lighthearted, and an expert at the same time (If you had told me as a child or teen that people would be speaking this way about me, I would have said, “That’s not possible. That will never happen. Not in a million years”).

I want that for your children. I want your world to change in incredible ways. I don’t want you and your children to have to go through another day of confusion and frustration. That is my heart’s desire for the world. I dream of the day when a doctor diagnoses ADHD and the parents say, “Oh my gosh, we are so lucky! This is fantastic!”

So, welcome to my website. I hope you’ll stay for a while and have a look around. I’m not serving food or liquor, but start here and you can’t go wrong 🙂

Jump right in; the water’s warm and I’ve got a life preserver for you!

xo, Yafa
Your ADHD Guardian Angel 🙂





*Here’s high praise from AN ADHD COACH whose daughter I was coaching! Such an honor.

“If you ever wished you could open your child’s head and have a look inside to see what’s going on in there, then working with Margit is the next best thing! She brings a wealth of experience, great intuition and a unique understanding of kids with ADHD to her coaching work.”  –“Nell” in New Zealand

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What troubles you about parenting an ADHD child or teen?

Let’s talk! No judgment, no salesy come-on. However you WILL receive a good deal of TLC and a slew of strategies. You can say anything. You can cry. You can swear. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and I promise to listen and give you hope and relief. (You might even find yourself spontaneously doing a happy dance).

“Thank you Yafa. You’ve given me incredibly helpful tools! It was really a pleasure to speak with you. I’ll be back in touch in the coming weeks.” Stella R, Portland, OR.

“I really appreciate that I could be vulnerable and you didn’t shoot me down. I feel comfortable with you and your humor brightened the call.” Danielle A, Bellingham, WA.

“I talked with you a year ago, Yafa, and your voice is always in my head, guiding me. I just wanted to email and thank you.” April W, Queensland, Australia

“Thank you for your encouraging, enlightening suggestions.” Jill E, Seattle, WA.

Thank you for ‘being there’ to share your wealth of knowledge and personal experience with us who are ‘floundering’ and ‘lost in the forest’ when it comes to ‘dealing with special and difficult circumstances’. Gratefully yours, Rochelle H, Alberta, Canada xox ((((BIG HUGS)))

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