Testimonials from Parents


I hope this testimonial conveys how wonderful I think you are and how much you helped me! …

“Working with Yafa is like having a very close friend in your corner as you navigate the boxing ring of parenting. She has a gift of being kind and funny while being totally honest about what needs to change and then supports you every step of the way as you make those changes. Working with Yafa I no longer felt alone.  I had a partner who believed in me and my boys. A partner I could be totally honest with about my actions and my feelings with full confidence that I would not be judged or criticized. Ever.

No matter what I threw at Yafa she responded with love, compassion, understanding and an idea (or two) on how to do things different. She is incredibly patient and met me where I was at each day. She helped me see truths about myself that enabled me to change what wasn’t working. With each challenge I brought to her regarding my boys, she was able to see what my child needed; what it was he was asking for through his actions, never mind his words. Margit has such a gift with kids. With very little time at all, she was able to tell me what made each of my boys tick and how best to parent each one. She was also able to show me what I was doing as a parent that was causing the most harm based on their personalities. Following it up with what I could do as a parent that would provide the greatest benefit to each of them. I am so grateful to Yafa. I am a different parent after working with her.  I am more loving and forgiving, to myself and my boys. I have more compassion for my boys and myself on difficult days. I have much more self-confidence. She replaced my fear of not knowing what to do as a parent, with a full set of tools to choose from depending on the situation. Our family has benefitted so much from working with Yafa. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Yafa” –Holly, Chase (6) and William (5), Bellevue, WA

“My son was not happy to meet another ADHD expert. He was done. He wasn’t doing homework or school work and we couldn’t make him do it no matter what we said or did. He spent 30 minutes talking to Margit without us in the room and, when we came back, he was smiling. We’ve been working with Margit for two months and our son is becoming more responsible again. Margit is an “expert encourager” and an all-around “feel-good person.” Whenever we talk to Margit, we feel so much hope. She works hard for us, she’s a straight shooter, but kind and charming, with an infectious smile and laugh. Margit is just what we needed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
–Alice, Chase, and Sam

“If you ever wished you could open your child’s head and have a look inside to see what’s going on in there, then working with Margit is the next best thing! She brings a wealth of experience, great intuition and a unique understanding of kids with ADHD to her coaching work.”
-Nell F., New Zealand

“I hired Margit to coach my son. Before we hired Margit,  he was struggling with academics and depression. He was certain he was going to fail two of his classes. As you can imagine, I was very concerned and felt scared for my son. One morning the light bulb went on and I remembered Margit worked with people with ADHD.  In my family, 3 out of 4 people have ADHD. I called Margit, we met, and even though my son was skeptical he committed to working with her. What came next was beyond any of my expectations. Two months  after we began working with Margit, my son said: “she saved my life”. I truly see how Margit’s work transformed my son’s life. He completed the semester with good grades,  he was accepted into the business school, and he feels safer and happier. I will forever be grateful for Margit’s approach to the ADHD challenge, her expertise in helping others learn, and her laser-like intuition.” — Penelope W.

“I’ve worked with Margit for six months. Initially she was hired to coach my entire family, as all five of us have been diagnosed with ADD. Our time with her has become more involved as we turn to her for parenting advice and work advice. As adults with ADD we too need to check in for a shot of Margit’s encouragement and love and deep insights. She somehow manages to give each of us what we need to feel better about ourselves and more proactive with our lives. Margit, we love you.” — Valentin & Sophie, Canada

“Before coaching, my family was fractured.  My oldest daughter was withdrawn, depressed and barely passing her classes.  My youngest wouldn’t speak to either one of us and was failing miserably in school.  Both my daughters are very bright and I couldn’t understand why they were acting this way.  I was at my wits’ end! Margit helped us all to understand each other and communicate in a way that made sense.  She gave us real world, real time advice that helped us deal with things before it got out of hand. Now, we’re close as a family again.  Both kids are doing very well in school and their extra-curricular activities.  I couldn’t have done any of this without Margit. Margit Crane is magical; she isn’t just a coach, she’s a gift!”
–Jenn Tonks, Shoreline, WA

“We hired Margit to work with our 14-year-old ADHD son to help him be more successful both at home and at school. What I discovered was that Margit was an amazing asset in the form of a fierce advocate for our son in regards to his school.  Margit was able to get answers from the school to questions that we didn’t even know to ask. This is the direct result of all of her years of experience as a teacher, a counselor, and an ADD/ADHD expert. In her firm, direct, respectful way she held the faculty and staff at my son’s school accountable for adhering to his IEP which resulted in getting him the technology support right away that they had been “looking into” for months.”

“Another fabulous discovery was that my son LOVES Margit and looks forward to their time together. What a change from their first meeting ~ to say he was ANGRY would be an understatement, but within 15 minutes of their meeting they were laughing and joking like old friends. As the direct result of working with Margit our brilliant, surly, class-failing boy is now still brilliant but engaging and passing all his classes with flying colors.”

“Margit has a true gift for identifying with these brilliant porcupine children and I can say with utter sincerity that my son has more self-confidence and more self-esteem because he has been blessed with Margit. Margit is able to create a special bond based on trust where she is able to reach these kids and teach them how to best showcase their own unique gifts, talents, and abilities so that they can play to their strengths. I would recommend Margit to any parent who has a Teen or ‘Tween that needs help to successfully navigate the countless obstacles at home, at school and with their peers.  All I can say is Margit ROCKS!!!”
— Jessica R, Bellevue, WA.

“Our 16 year old son has had a 504 plan in place for the first two years of high school. The plan, which was arrived at from discussions between our son, his guidance counselor and us (his parents), seemed reasonable on paper. Once we started working with Margit however, we all realized that the plan was not being implemented, and our son was not getting the help that he needed and was legally supposed to have. Her critical eye picked out phrases that sounded good on paper, but were actually fairly empty of meaning.”

“With Margit’s help we re-crafted the 504 so that more of the responsibilities were given to the teachers, instead of to our son. The school staff showed reluctance to add these teacher responsibilities, and instead wanted our son to take all of the initiative for asking for all of his help. While that is our ultimate goal, since he had not received any support the first two years with his 504 plan, his skills in that area were not yet developed. Margit skillfully helped us deal with the staff to reach a workable document.”

“Without Margit’s help, my husband and I would have continued to be frustrated with the ineffectiveness of our son’s 504 plan, without even being aware of why the plan was not helping.”
— Justin and Mary P, Seattle

“Margit, you are so great with our daughter. You know exactly what to say to put a smile on her face! She just adores you (although she may never tell you) and we are grateful to have you supporting us and supporting her. Many blessings, Chris and Carl, from Redmond, Washington”  (Check out what their daughter has to say in the Teen testimonials)

“Being a single parent is confusing and tiring. I don’t have time to read all the parenting books and I find myself copying what other parents do (the ones I think are good parents). It doesn’t really work though. What I love about Margit is that she coaches MY family, not just any family. I don’t have to wonder whether the techniques will work because we’ve worked together to figure out the best ones for us. Also, I always feel better after talking to Margit. She never makes me feel stupid or incompetent. She wants us to be happy as much as we do. She brings optimism and laughter to our family and I feel a lot of hope for my daughter’s future and the future of our relationship.” –Linda

“Margit, I wasn’t sure how I felt while I was filling out the initial survey, but once I spoke with you during my session, my eyes were opened. I noticed a change within a week. When I saw you that same week, you actually said that I looked like a changed person. I feel rejuvenated and the communication lines are open. I appreciate your help tremendously. With Many Thanks, Carole”

“I’ve worked with Margit and my high-energy 8-year-old on a couple of occasions, and those have made a big difference for our family. Margit really understands kids and parents. She doesn’t expect us, as parents, to have all the answers, and she will never make you feel bad for finding the work of raising kids to be at times more than you can handle.

Instead, she offers careful observation and helpful, concrete tips that you can put to use immediately. In the months since we worked with her last, I have come to rely on the tools she’s provided. They help me keep my cool, and help me give my daughter the consistent structure she needs. It’s much better than the cycle of yelling and guilt that we all felt trapped in before.”  –M.B., Seattle mom

“What is most wonderful about Margit is that my son thinks she’s okay. High praise, indeed, from a 14-year-old who’d really rather be playing baseball, texting his girlfriend or hanging with the guys, instead of driving with mom to visit Margit. And while Tommy doesn’t necessarily fall into either of Margit’s gifted teen or AD/HD specialties, we still benefit from her advice, her expectations of accountability, and her skill at removing the sense of isolation adults often feel while parenting teens. Margit doesn’t hesitate to tell me I’m wrong about something, which earns big points with my son and thus his cooperation. The opposite works as well – thank goodness! Consequently, both of us respect her and are confident she’ll level with us. We trust her. Knowing she is in our court is a huge weight off my shoulders, which frees me up to focus on my business, the rest of my family, and having fun with my son.”
–Lori Z

“I so appreciate the care and concern you have given Ren the past 3 months and I also thank you for helping me to see how serious his school situation has been. I credit you with getting me out of the river of “denial” and into action mode. I feel empowered, to make a difference. Thanks so much and may God bless you and your work.”
–D.P., Bothell, WA

“Margit helped me understand the dynamic of stepping into a romantic relationship with a partner who has kids. Having no children of my own, her insights and guidance have been more than valuable. Margit brought my partner and me to a new sense of connection with teens. It’s almost like she was one of them! She has a powerful gift of expressing what a teen doesn’t, and/or what we are not hearing / understanding from them. Thank you Margit – you are a powerful coach! I would heartily recommend your services to anyone having difficulties with teens.”
(2010) “Margit helped me and my husband to understand dynamics around our teenaged kids (my step children). She is simply BRILLIANT in working with parents and teens. **I love you Margit THANK YOU for your love and support – always!”
–Stéphanie, Calgary, AB

“What a pleasure to have you as my coach! You have been a great inspiration for me during this very challenging time of relating to my kids as I move into a new relationship. In such a short period of time, I’ve been able to move from a place of obligation to a place of power. Thank you for challenging me to see where I have contributed to the situation, but more so, helping me to make the necessary changes to get out of it and stay out it! You have a gift…thank you.”
–Doug L, Calgary, Alberta

“When Margit says she’s a “child development specialist” she means it. Not only does she understand teens (gifted or otherwise) and their battle-weary parents, but also she gave me pointers on how to improve my parenting skills with my younger children so that I don’t have to fight the same battle again when they hit their teens. If you have tried everything and are still unhappy, wave your white surrender flag and give Margit a call.”
–Sheila, White Rock, Canada

“My 7-year-old daughter has enough energy to power a jet. Margit Crane has helped me trim my child’s engines without extinguishing her spark. When I tried some of Margit’s straightforward, simple-to-implement tips, things got better at home right away. Margit gave the structure my daughter and I needed, and I’m grateful.”
–Martha from Washington, Summer

“I so appreciated Margit’s expert insight regarding my six-year old daughter. Margit made me feel completely at ease and comfortable in sharing very sensitive situations. She is highly professional, yet warm and understanding, without judgment of any kind. She also went the extra mile in researching resources and approaches for my daughter’s specific situation. Margit was extremely thorough, relevant, and helpful. After one session I am noticing progress in my daughter’s self esteem and give credit to Margit’s coaching.”
–Pamela Jackson, www.TheGrowthCoach.com

“If you have never seen Margit Crane with a teen client, you are missing out. She is virtually a “Teen Whisperer.” She knows how to prepare them for the first visit, she knows how to greet them (my 14-year old son was waving hello to her from the car even before he met her!), she knows how to speak to them, listen to them, put them at ease, read them like a book, joke with them, and get them to commit to actions that are fair for both them and for me, the parent. It’s quite a remarkable experience. Thank you, Margit. I feel heard and valued as a parent. My son says, “Yeah, she’s good. She’s nice.”
–Lisa S., Puget Sound parent

“Margit is a kind, compassionate coach, totally dedicated to inspiring and supporting families and kids to grow together in harmony and in love. She is unique in that she not only understands teens but she loves them and delights in what they have to offer the world at precisely this often painful time in their lives. She is playful and quirky, intuitive and real – a gift to big and little kids alike.”
–Miriam Evers from Vancouver, B.C., Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and the Mother of Two Fabulous Teens

“I had the privilege of coaching with Margit Crane. I was feeling stuck and frustrated with my relationship with my two children. Margit quickly helped me get to the nitty-gritty of the matter and, in doing so, I felt empowered to find solutions. Margit has a way of quickly ascertaining what’s going on. She offered perspectives I needed to hear, suggestions that were right on and support that validated that I’m doing a lot of good with my kids, too. Margit was supportive in a non-judgmental way and reflected back to me the universal feelings we all share as Mothers. I highly recommend Margit to anyone wanting to improve familial relationships. Because of coaching with Margit, our family had a harmonious holiday season!” –Colleen Haggerty, Life Coach, Bellingham, WA


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You don’t have to wait until your child is old enough or cooperative enough to work with me! YOU can be the change you want for your family! When just one family member starts growing in understanding and confidence, whether quickly or slowly, this uplifts the whole family.

What troubles you about parenting an ADHD child or teen?

Let’s talk! No judgment, no salesy come-on. However you WILL receive a good deal of TLC and a slew of strategies. You can say anything. You can cry. You can swear. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and I promise to listen and give you hope and relief. (You might even find yourself spontaneously doing a happy dance).

“Thank you Yafa. You’ve given me incredibly helpful tools! It was really a pleasure to speak with you. I’ll be back in touch in the coming weeks.” Stella R, Portland, OR.

“I really appreciate that I could be vulnerable and you didn’t shoot me down. I feel comfortable with you and your humor brightened the call.” Danielle A, Bellingham, WA.

“I talked with you a year ago, Yafa, and your voice is always in my head, guiding me. I just wanted to email and thank you.” April W, Queensland, Australia

“Thank you for your encouraging, enlightening suggestions.” Jill E, Seattle, WA.

Thank you for ‘being there’ to share your wealth of knowledge and personal experience with us who are ‘floundering’ and ‘lost in the forest’ when it comes to ‘dealing with special and difficult circumstances’. Gratefully yours, Rochelle H, Alberta, Canada xox ((((BIG HUGS)))

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